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Visit Lebanon

A few months ago Abla’s children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews went to Lebanon and had a fabulous holiday with many friends, peers and associates.

We had such a lovely time and were treated to such excellent hospitality, when we returned we decided to create this website page featuring some of our Lebanese friends and associates so that others making the trip can enjoy their hospitality too.

We hope you find this useful.

Abla and family.

Souk El Tayeb

Founded in true and authentic entrepreneurial spirit by the wonderful Kamal Mouzawak, Souk el Tayeb has evolved into a multi-faceted business promoting a wide range of projects that preserve Lebanese culinary traditions, rural heritage and the environment.

It runs the first farmers market to open in Lebanon on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Beirut. It manages the Tawlet restaurant and food stores in Beirut (Mar Mikhael and Tawlet El Hamra), Ammiq, Beit El Qamar, Saida and Tawlet Biomass in Jrebta, each featuring outstanding local cuisine.

And it also offers four fabulous accommodation options at Ammiq, Douma, El Qamar as well as Mar Mikhael and Hamra, Beirut’s happening and walkable neighbourhoods. Every trip to Lebanon should involve Souk el Tayeb somewhere along the line.

Beit Trad

A beautifully restored and luxurious traditional house in the Lebanese mountains which is just perfect for summers with family and friends. Located north of Beirut at El Kfour, Mont-Liban, it is truly idyllic and run by the lovely Sarah Trad. 

The food is delicious, with full, half-board and breakfast options, and the nine rooms and setting need to be seen to be believed. Beit Trad is available for large and small bookings all year round, and Sarah can arrange transport to and from the airport.

Beit Trad is simply one of those places you never want to leave.

Hotel Lost

Omar Jheir is an emerging Lebanese entrepreneur, having set up the booming Sip coffee shop in Beirut after getting his taste for speciality coffee during the 20 years he lived in Australia.

His latest venture is Hotel Lost. This new boutique hotel and restaurant in an exciting part of Beirut looks and feels fabulous and totally delivers in terms of food and your accommodation needs. 

Omar will go out of his way to make sure your stay is comfortable and will provide you with lots of tips on places of interest to visit in Lebanon.

Hotel Lost is truly where you’ll find yourself in Beirut.

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